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Top 5 Key Areas for retailers to enhance their brand marketing strategies

📣 Top 5 Key Areas for Retailers to Enhance Their Brand Marketing Strategies

As the retail brand marketing landscape continues to rapidly evolve, retailers and brands are awakening to the untapped potential of their media assets in driving sales, boosting brand visibility and maximizing the monetization of owned media.

This realization has become even more apparent post-COVID, as retailers and brands adopt a more strategic approach to brand marketing.

However, there are still significant areas where retailers can improve to fully optimise these valuable resources and impact their bottom line positively.

🎯 1. Unveiling the True ‘Ownership Value’

The primary challenge retailers face is often the lack of understanding the actual value of their media assets. From in-store displays to digital platforms like EDM, web, and social media, these assets hold immense potential.

Recognising this value is crucial, as it unlocks new revenue streams, boosts sales, and enhances brand visibility.

By carefully analysing and understanding this potential, retailers can seize opportunities that were previously unnoticed.

📈 2. Crafting a Comprehensive Sales Strategy

A mere rate card for retail media assets is no longer enough in today’s dynamic industry. Retailers need a well-defined plan to leverage their media assets to the fullest.

This involves identifying the target audience, understanding their needs, and creating compelling offerings that align with advertisers’ goals. A robust sales strategy enhances the appeal of media assets, making them more attractive to potential advertisers.

This becomes even more crucial when dealing with media assets across various regions, categories, channels, and teams.

💡 3. Centralizing Assets and Booking Platforms

Outdated and manual processes for managing media assets lead to inefficiencies, lost opportunities, and disjointed communication.

Retailers should consider centralizing media assets and adopting streamlined booking platforms across their retail network.

The benefits include improved team collaboration, streamlined workflows and optimal asset utilization.

🌐 4. Embracing Centralized Visibility and Media Booking Processes

To capitalize on the full potential of their media assets, retailers must break down silos between marketing, VM teams and brand networks.

Adopting a centralized, integrated approach ensures that all offerings are visible across all media assets and teams.

This enables retailers to create more impactful packages and campaigns, providing advertisers with comprehensive solutions that deliver better results.

📊 5. Measuring the Revenue Impact of Media Assets

Understanding the impact of brand marketing and VM media assets on revenue generation and brand performance is crucial for retailers.

These insights help optimize brand marketing efforts, fine-tune media offerings, package campaigns effectively, and allocate media assets efficiently across retail categories.

Measuring media asset revenue impact allows retailers to identify successful strategies and continuously improve their brand marketing initiatives.

In conclusion,

Modern retailers must prioritise the optimisation of their retail media assets to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. By recognizing the importance of:

• Understanding the ownership value

• Developing a comprehensive sales strategy

• Centralizing assets and booking platforms

• Embracing centralized visibility

• Measuring revenue impact

Retailers can unlock the full potential of their media assets, leading to sustained growth and success. Additionally, this approach enables them to strengthen their business network and enhance collaborations.

Those who excel in these areas will undoubtedly distinguish themselves in the ever-evolving retail landscape, setting themselves apart as leaders in the industry.

Author: Zac Bank – Centreva Pty Ltd (

About Centreva

We are a solutions and services company that specializes in transforming retail brand marketing and merchandising across all media channels.

Our cutting-edge platform is revolutionizing the industry by offering comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing retail media assets, including in-store, digital (EDM, web, social), publishing, and eventing.

With over a decade of experience, we have empowered retail marketing and merchandising teams worldwide. Our tailored platform solutions bring automation, efficiency, and best practices to brand marketing and visual merchandising activities.

We take pride in serving a prestigious clientele that includes high-end and luxury retailers and brands in over 30+ countries. Our reach extends to both local and travel-retail sectors, demonstrating our expertise and global impact in the industry.

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