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Streamlining Retail Media Asset Management

“Refine your approach, embrace change, and open doors to limitless possibilities.”

Streamlining Retail Media Asset Management

Maximising Impact through Centralised Solutions


In today’s dynamic retail landscape, brands & retailers face the challenge of effectively managing assets across multiple channels.

Brand marketing and VM (visual merchandising) teams constantly strive to optimise operations, revenue and make the most of their retail media. That’s where a centralised retail asset media solution platform comes into play, revolutionising the way retail assets are managed, accessed, and leveraged for success.

Capture and centralise all media assets:

‘Simplifying Access and Collaboration’

With centralised media asset platforms, brand marketing and VM teams can consolidate media assets from diverse retail media channels (in-store, digital, web, publishing, eventing, pop ups, social media) onto a centralised platform.

The solution simplifies access, planning and collaboration, eliminating the need to search for assets across outdated documents and multiple teams.

By eliminating the need for searching and retrieving assets across multiple locations, teams can save valuable time and effort, promoting greater efficiency and collaboration.

Visibility – Comprehensive Asset Insights Unleashed

Platform solutions should offer brands unmatched visibility into stores, assets, floorplans, and specifications. A centralised platform provides real-time, detailed information on each asset, including location, appearance, value, and specifications for collateral production.

With this visibility, brand marketing and visual merchandising teams can optimize asset usage, reduce discrepancies, and maintain consistent brand representation & activations across all media channels.

Seasonal Planning for promotional activity made easy

Coordinating All Media Asset Types’

For retailers and brands to succeed, it’s crucial to synchronise offerings and campaigns across different retail media assets.

Simplify seasonal planning with shared calendars that centralize promotional bookings for your asset media landscape and brand vendor networks.

Visual merchandisers and brand managers can efficiently allocate and streamline their campaign planning, processes, and approvals. This ensures optimal activation and scheduling of assets across all media channels, both for internal and brand marketing operations.

By avoiding double booking, overlaps, gaps, or last-minute changes, retailers and brands can deliver cohesive and impactful campaign experiences throughout the year.

Streamlining On-Site Promotions:

VM Briefing and Activations Compliance’

Smooth on-site promotional activities rely on efficient communication, task management, and briefings. An effective platform solution enables seamless collaboration between Brand Marketing, Visual Merchandising (VM), and on-field production teams.

Specifically designed for retailers and brands, this solution simplifies communication channels, task assignments, and ensures compliance with brand guidelines.

Teams can easily share proof of postings, promoting transparency and accountability among all campaign stakeholders.

Actionable Insights for Success

‘Customised Real-Time Reporting’

Real-time reporting and dashboards play a vital role in improving and measuring the effectiveness of retail media efforts. Brand Marketing and Visual Merchandising teams can generate comprehensive reports and dashboards that offer insights into asset-related activities, promotional bookings, asset finance revenue, and operational activities.

These real-time analytics empower decision-makers to identify trends, optimise strategies, and maximise their return on retail media investments.


The Centreva Platform revolutionises the way retailers and brands optimise their retail media assets in the fast-paced retail industry.  It empowers brand marketing and VM teams to maximise the growth, effectiveness, and brand presence of their business.

By providing a centralised platform, it streamlines operations for media asset management, communications, brand planning, campaign approvals, financing, compliance, and successful activations.

Many retailers and brands struggle with complex spreadsheets and operational arrangements to keep up with media asset allocations, often overlooking optimisation opportunities due to overwhelming activation pressures.

Additionally, there is a lack of insights from past campaigns, hindering progress. It’s important to remember that without change, we can’t expect different results.

Author: Zac Bank – Centreva Pty Ltd (

About Centreva

We are a solutions and services company that specialises in transforming retail brand marketing and merchandising across all media channels. Our cutting-edge platform is revolutionizing the industry by offering comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing retail media assets, including in-store, digital (EDM, web, social), publishing, and eventing.

With over a decade of experience, we have empowered retail marketing and merchandising teams worldwide. Our tailored platform solutions bring automation, efficiency, and best practices to brand marketing and visual merchandising activities.

We take pride in serving a prestigious clientele that includes high-end and luxury retailers and brands in over 30+ countries. Our reach extends to both local and travel-retail sectors, demonstrating our expertise and global impact in the industry.

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