Empower your clients to be highly strategic and to maximise their omnichannel media and media channel business. a holistic customisable platform that compliments your strategy enabling your clients to plan, create,activate and report powerful global and localised media campaigns and media business at scale.

Retailer Solutions

Centralised solution.
Seamless workflow.

In collaboration with our partners, we tailor each project to
ensure their desired outcomes are achieved.

Our dedicated team works closely with you, helping with
every detail and providing ongoing support throughout the
your journey.

Together, we will reshape the full potential of your retail
media network.

The Centreva Difference

Why Centreva?

Centreva platform is a dynamic retail asset
management platform that manages cross channel
campaigns to your clients in one cloud based

Your agency can create optimised client media
planning proposals, efficiently manage feedback,
reviews and approvals.

Allow your clients to seamlessly collaborate between
your teams, their brands, media suppliers, and
retail partners. Our frictionless platform ensures
centralised governance and control across your
agency client portfolio and their omnichannel media

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Optimised Media
With seamless collaboration between teams, brands, suppliers, and partners, our frictionless platform ensures governance and control across your organisation, clients, brands, logistics and production suppliers.
Campaign Performance
At Centreva, we understand the importance of showcasing performance metrics, campaign insights, and asset inventory transparency. That's why we give your agency the power to optimise your clients campaign and channel performance.
Enable growth for your client
Achieve Transformational Growth with our best-in-class technology platform the efficiency and capability you enable your team to deliver high performance campaigns at scale.
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Our Platform

How Centreva

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Comprehensive, flexible and intuitive gives you full control. Centrally manage your Retail Media inventory, simplify planning complexity across the business, removing duplication and human error, while automating the workflow from proposal to execution and invoicing.

Plan successful campaigns across your entire media network. Our responsive planning tool gives you the capability to optimise availability and increase asset performance in every single channel. Optimise your asset portfolio to create bespoke proposals with any combination of media assets to customise brand proposals, specify locations and target audiences and marketing budgets.

Simple, transparent, and tailored end-to-end booking workflow process across all booking tasks, process, approvals and compliance including our unique automated invoicing system enables transparent records of rates and payments for all stakeholders

Centreva’s platform automates communications with your brands, agencies, production and logistics teams. Set alerts, notifications and reminders to ensure efficient workflow from artwork upload, approvals, installation instructions, activation and compliance checks from multiple internal and external teams worldwide

Customised Dashboards for every user to create specific reports and real time insights for brand performance, campaign metrics, KPI’s per region and store

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