See and Manage your store brand marketing assets

Non-centralised and limited visibility over marketing assets can hurt your business

Your marketing and merchandising teams interact daily with in-store assets connected to promotions, brand advertising and visual merchandising activations.

Each one of these visual assets is unique with individual specifications and strategic positions and function.

With an ever-evolving retail and brand landscape, it becomes more complicated to accurately capture, categorise and centralise these assets for the business functionality of the teams.

  • VM and Brand teams can’t keep abreast with changes and activations due to limited communications and process.
  • Stores and assets are constantly changing due to new set-ups, refurbishments, pop-up stores, brand promotion leasing, and the list goes on.
  • Information lacks quality, consistency, visibility and accurate representation for on-going marketing and merchandising business functions

Blame it on a lack of effective centralised technology

Information for stores and assets is commonly collated and recorded on outdated documents (spreadsheets, power point, etc). While this works to a certain degree, owning and maintaining the accuracy and availability of the asset base is a strenuous task without efficient process and automation.

The current state is also not sustainable as

  • Teams work in silos using multiple versions of asset base lists
  • Inefficient cross-teams communications for any changes to the asset base.
  • Limited views to some of the following aspects impedes your marketing and merchandising teams to efficiently plan and activate these assets frequently:
    • Up to date compliance imagery for the asset on every activation
    • Historical and forecast use for the asset
    • Unspecified status and availability for the assets in real time
    • Physical and real-time positioning through store plans
    • Physical specifications and production methods for the assets
    • Financial aspects such as rental, production and installation costs, etc.

Does this sound familiar?

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Here is how you can achieve best-in-class asset base

With CENTREVA, ownership of asset management is effectively designated to groups and teams such as merchandising and on-ground teams.

Using our app, teams can easily capture assets, input required information and categorise them into their specific business groups and functions in a fraction of time. A centralised and permission-based access enables teams to share real-time information across the value chain

  • Simple and easy-to-capture and manage tools for teams to maintain rapidly evolving retail and brand landscape
  • A centralised visual asset database providing visual perspective by classifying data by business category, location and specific business function
  • Ensure a high-quality benchmark for information for each asset with real time visibility

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3 reasons Centreva can take your business to the next level

The quality outcome of a centralised asset base categorised into geographical regions, teams and business categories

Easily available asset base for Marketing, brand promotions, VM teams and stakeholders in the value chain

Deliver high quality activation and customer experience