Retail brand space marketing promotions and brand engagement

Brand space marketing opportunities under perform due to inadequate execution

Marketing teams generate brand space revenue with short-term leasing of promotions for local and regional campaigns and frequently propose these campaigns to brands.

Promotion packages are repetitive manually communicated. Teams are inundated with the frequency of these communications and changeovers frequently shifting focus to achieving successful activations rather than brand image, and upstream revenue opportunities for the business.

This is mainly due to the following

  • Marketing and VM store teams work in silos with brands to execute promotions in a fast paced environment that lacks process consistency.
  • Regular changes to brand promotions result in excessive process flows.
  • Often the teams deal with demanding brands requiring substantial in-store presence. This can prove to be impractical without a centralised policy and process.

Blame it on a lack of automated and in-efficient technology

Brand promotions, guidelines, and costings are packaged and communicated via emails. The process from proposals to approvals of costs, brand concepts, renders, artwork, guidelines, etc are all facilitated through a plethora of emails through several stakeholders with repeated lack of signoffs and reconciliation with finance.

  • Lack of comprehensive capture matrix for costings, specifications and guidelines relating to each retail asset for effective brand communication
  • No visibility and process for missed opportunities and availability for assets / promotions
  • Often the teams work with predefined numbers of assets and packages. Additionals and further tailoring of brand package proposals can be particularly painstaking, time consuming and an unsustainable process.

Does this sound familiar?

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The Centreva Benchmark excellence in brand space revenue management

Centreva enables your marketing teams to engage your brand with utmost ease and efficiency while enhancing your business image in the way you do business with your partners.

Allow your teams to accelerate win-win solutions and target brand promotions with maximum returns for both the business revenue and high sales returns for brands.

Measure ROI, at vendor and brand levels through real-time quality touch of a button dashboard and reporting functions for marketing and finance operations.

Using our platform app,

  • Provide a window to your brand to view and interact with all past and forthcoming promotions, content, approvals, costings and communications portals.
  • Maximise opportunity through flexibility and ease to create tailor-made ad-hoc brand promotions on the fly. Give your teams real-time access and visibility to all assets and promotions across the retail landscape.
  • The Centreva platform has several integration methods and its own API integration to ERP solutions, thus providing excellent dashboard, reporting and close loop finance invoicing operations

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What are the benefits ?

The quality outcome of a centralised brand management solution that contains all brand activities, content, contact and access management

Establish a better brand image in the way you conduct business with your brands

Increase revenue from brand marketing space promotions and retail sales for both yourself and the brand