Print and POS Management

Your Print and POS programs are costing your business more than necessary, every single time …

Our teams consistently pump out Print and POS fixture units. Once promotions are planned and designed, they proceed to the team to allocate collateral to stores, brief supply chain, and organise for activations to be installed.

Manual communications using emails and spreadsheets and the pressure of looming deadlines, budget allocations, collateral maximisation result in inadequate performance from the teams and unnecessary dependency on supply chain teams to carry out activations perfectly.

These factors contribute largely towards

  • Over reliance on 3rd party suppliers with a less degree to market price
  • Your supply chain has more IP on your business promotions than you.
  • Lack of real-time compliance, transparency for supply chain services rendered, and proof of executions.

Why is this the case?

Simply put, collateral allocations and supply chain requirements, including communications, cost elements and activations are some of the last stages of the promotion operation cycle.

Many of these promotions are repetitive so, often causing neglect to the processes. Important processes such as quality control around price, quantities, allocation distribution, methods of production, methods of delivery, etc are seldom considered in the interests of the business.

  • End-to-end business process deficiency for quoting and briefing for supply chain
  • Information from previous executions is sporadically stored in individuals emails and desktops
  • Inability to easily plan collateral requirements in relation to quantities required with the best cost outcomes for the business

Does this sound familiar?

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Benchmark excellence for Print and POS management

Centreva simplifies the process for your teams to plan and allocate Print and POS fixtures to your retail floors, maximising your budget to its optimum value of return.

The workflow has been augmented through end-to-end transparent tasks such as quotations and approvals stepping right through to the execution.

You can register all your supply chain providers and categorise their services within the platform for the teams. Empower teams to easily communicate with supply chain and production staff, and capture in real-time transparency and compliance for the operations

Using our platform app:

  • Centralised Print and POS promotions platform that is readily accessible by relevant teams
  • Central storage and marketing intelligence through quality real-time dashboard and reporting activities
  • Costs and resource efficiency through better purchasing, accuracy and execution operations.

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3 reasons Centreva can take your business to the next level

The quality outcome of a centralised print and POS promotion platform that contains all reportable content and recorded activity from Planning to Activations

Establish better benchmark processes and operations across your value chain

Increase revenue from brand marketing promotions from managing production function and mark-ups