Merchandising and On-field teams compliance

Poor management of compliance for activations is hurting your business

The joy of seeing daily, weekly, and monthly marketing and VM activations is the result of rigorous workflows from planning to approvals, through several stakeholders.

Often these activations lack guideline compliance, and worse, total omission of any record of execution. The problem lies with broken communications and non-compliance of processes triggering a negative impact on your business

  • Inadequate communications between on-field teams (stores) and HQ.
  • Lack of overview for non-compliance of activations
  • Difficult and time-consuming rectifications to poor in-store execution

Your system is not working for You

Communication and coordination play vital role in execution of promotions. In-store and on-field teams receive merchandising guidelines in various formats, timelines and dependencies.

Coping with outpouring of emails, phone calls and texts to get in-store execution can put unwanted load on teams, resulting in complex processes.

  • Lack of performance visibility and process ownership.
  • Inability of teams to check all their stores at once
  • Inability to use any previous history for activations to plan forward promotions

Does this sound familiar?

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The Right solution for You

Centreva enables stores and on-field teams execute more accurate and faster with improvements to visual merchandising. The Centreva app allows you to track, collate, and communicate all information in one place.

  • Availability of full promotion overview in real-time
  • Efficient feedback loop and communications between stores, teams and stakeholders.
  • Instantaneous corrections of any compliance exceptions.

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What are the benefits?

With Centreva you can improve your retail and brand compliance with exceptional communications, process and capture solutions. This in turn, boosts your brand image and sales with better in-store experience.

Real-time browser and app views and permission-controlled access to your stores and their brand assets.

Establish a quality benchmark process and ownership with customised looks at brands and customers.

Improved and accurate speed and efficiency of your activations