Marketing Promotions & Execution

Marketing activations and executions, underperform due to the lack of streamlined end-to-end function, operations and process structure

Businesses operates on daily interactions between marketing and merchandising teams for promotions, brand advertising and visual merchandising activations.

Marketing promotions generally entail elements such as planning, mechanics, budgets and quotations, concepts and renders for artworks, approvals, additional stakeholders, execution supply chain briefs, activations and compliance.

High frequency of promotions and absolute deadlines for activations drive teams to resort to painstaking manual resources and lacklustre operation processes to attain results.

  • Marketing teams with various categories operate in silos for both operations and process requirements within their value chain
  • Constant evolution ofmultiple promotional calendars without a centralised real-time view for planning and execution
  • Promotional content is heavily reliant and stored on sporadic emails, phone calls and spreadsheets as the medium of choice

Why is this the case

Main factor – Lack of centralised functionality and end-to-end operations capability.

Consistent marketing promotions frequently involve stakeholders in various stages from planning to activation heavily relying on planned workflow tasks.

Lack of consolidated information distribution can cause an obstruction of opportunity.

  • A lack for a centralised registry of promotions and cross-team information repository.
  • Inadequate communications leads to inefficient and inaccurate activations
  • Inundation of emails for every promotion can cause delays in compliance and often missed processes as a result.

Does this sound familiar?

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Benchmark excellence for marketing and merchandising promotional activity

Centreva simplifies the process for your marketing and merchandising teams to plan, allocate, build and activate their promotions across their value chain with ease and transparency.

Teams can view centralised calendars that showcase real-time changes to promotional calendars. With the visual representation of data, availability and allocation for promotions can be seen easily across geographic regions and business categories.

An automated intuitive workflow is tailored end-to-end to provide efficient briefing and information sharing across teams This includes automation of proposals, reminders, alerts and notifications into efficient communications across relevant stakeholders.
Using our platform app:

  • Centralised promotions platform that is LIVE and accessible by relevant teams
  • Central storage and marketing intelligence through quality real-time dashboard and reporting activities
  • Increase your benchmark operations with efficient and automated processes across all stages from planning to activations

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3 reasons Centreva can take your business to the next level

The quality outcome of a centralised promotion platform That contains all reportable content and recorded activity from Planning to Activations

Establish a better brand image and benchmark operations across your value chain

Increase revenue from brand marketing promotion space revenue and brand engagement activities