Eventing and sampling marketing promotions

Inefficient process and tasks impact your ROI for marketing events

Promotional brand activities are carried out by Marketing and on-field teams. They plan regular events as simple as pop-up stands & shops to grand events like the Formula One Grand Prix globally.

The two key elements are, planning each event as to the KPIs; and appropriate communications to the stakeholders. This can be a challenging and expensive exercise as it encompasses dynamics such as resources, product, daily collation of data, maintenance and measurement of KPIs through the duration of the event. This gets further complicated by elements such as:

  • Inefficient cross-team briefings and communications
  • Lack of overview for real-time daily collation of data
  • Inability of On-field managers to service and overview multiple field events

It’s your system that’s at fault

This two-way communication uses emails or manual checklists to collate and send data to HQ and by means of phone calls and texts back to on-field teams, by and large causing delays and negative effects to KPI requirements. Furthermore, data collation is tedious, laborious and questionable in quality of input recorded.

  • There can be zero visibility of real-time on-field information and data
  • On-field teams have manual un-formatted checklists of entry that they are required to fill in at regular intervals and submit to HQ
  • HQ teams’ collation of data and translation into presentable documents is a very tedious repetitive process

Does this sound familiar?

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The Right solution for You

With Centreva you can centralise and enhance the entire process.

Centreva app presents a holistic view by providing rosters, locations, checklists, briefings and requirements for input for the day – All by a simple login. Alerts, reminders and notifications are an effective part of the app to aide in daily requirements and accuracy for data.

With centralised data and process, HQ teams enjoy a wonderful transparency with real-time improvements.

  • See a full overview of all your events in real-time and a central repository to see all past and forthcoming planned events
  • Get an efficient feedback loop between on field teams and supply chain for activations. Incorporate stakeholders as a workflow process for tasks and accountability
  • Efficient and easy collation of data from on-field teams. Data is centralised, individually collected,auto summarised, and translated into a presentable format as to the desired KPI outcomes for the promotion and ready for presentation.

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What are the benefits?

Plan, Execute and Manage all your promotional events in real-time

Establish a quality brand image for your business activation

Maximise the opportunity and measure the ROI from your Events in real-time